Noche de Ciencias™

发现STEM的魔力! These “family science nights” for high school students and families bring the field to life, 所以你可以想象自己在STEM领域的未来.



在SHPE, we know early exposure to STEM positively influences the likelihood of a student choosing it for their career path. The Noche de Ciencias™ (NdC) program is designed to introduce the profound possibilities of STEM to high schoolers and their families.


PG电子官网与霍尼韦尔和陶氏合作,带来了乐趣, 大学预科生的虚拟科学之夜! Hosted by Jay Flores the two hours includes a hands-on STEM activity along with information about STEM career options.

Register by January 25 to ensure you get your KiwiCo kit by the event date. Kits will be provided to the first 85 students to sign up and will be provided on a first come, 先得基础.

父母 - 加入 us from 7-8pm ET for a special session about how to help your child choose a college or university for their future in STEM.


Noche de Ciencias events engage and inspire Hispanic youth (and their parents) to pursue STEM degrees and careers and ultimately advance SHPE’s mission and vision. NdC events are delivered by SHPE Professional and University chapters, 可以与小SHPE一起提供. 章. 分会与目标学校合作招募参与者, and NdC events may be hosted at the target school or another venue in the community.

NdC programming is aligned with impactful STEM after-school programs that yield STEM specific benefits, 比如在以后的生活中接受STEM教育和职业道路. NdC目标主要分为三(3)类:

  1. 提高对STEM领域和职业的认识;
  2. increasing participants’ beliefs about their ability to succeed in STEM; and
  3. 增加参与者对STEM的认同感.

These objectives are accomplished through interactive STEM activities, 网络的机会, 分享SHPE信息, 以及, by helping parents understand STEM opportunities through Bilingual Parent Workshops.

注意: On occasion, the event is held during the day, in which case it may be called Día de Ciencias.


Many SHPE 章s fund Noche de Ciencias events through chapter resources or through corporate sponsorship. In addition, SHPE National has 资金 available to support NdC events through two types of grants:

1. 小助学金

Mini-grants provide $500 to support a NdC event which is awarded in two disbursements (Part 1-$250 before the event; and Part 2-$250 after the event). The event must have at least 50 participants (parents and students are counted as participants; volunteers and 教育工作者 should NOT be included in the participant count). SHPE National anticipates 资金 twenty NdC Mini Grants for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.



2. Noche de Ciencias偿付补助金

报销奖助金提供高达4000美元来支持NdC活动. Reimbursement grants cover actual expenses and funds are disbursed after the event when documentation is complete. 经费水平与参加人数相对应:

      • 至少50名参与者,最高1000美元
      • 最低100名参与者最高2000美元
      • 至少150名参与者,最高3000美元
      • 至少200名参与者,最高4000美元

SHPE National anticipates awarding between 40-45 Reimbursement Awards, 大部分资金都在1000美元的水平.

应用 在此申请NdC偿还补助金


When you host a NdC event, it is critical that you gather 事故 & 媒体责任免责, and that you collect information to allow SHPE to study the both local and overall NdC impacts. 你必须利用以下项目:

      • 事故 & 媒体责任免责
      • 程序签到表
      • NdC参与者Post-Survey (很快)
      • NdC父Post-Survey (很快)

以下是这些表格的复印件. To receive 资金, you must also provide itemized receipts for all expenses.


  • 科学手册

    This manual provides comprehensive guidance on how to deliver a NdC event, including sections on:

        • SHPE & 科学之夜概述
        • 规划 & 组织一次平安夜活动
        • 活动推广:筹款 & 市场营销
        • 今天的主题是事件流和物流
        • 活动策划清单


  • 目标学校外展信

    Template letter for communicating with the target schools which explains SHPE, Noche de Ciencias, 以及计划活动的细节.


  • 演讲者/贵宾邀请

    This template can be used either in letter or email form to invite individuals to attend the planned event. The letter could be adapted for use to invite potential speakers, 当地的专业人士, 教育工作者, 管理员, 或社区领袖参加你的活动.

    下载演讲嘉宾/ VIP邀请

  • 筹款信

    This template can be used to ask for contributions to support your event.


  • 品牌活动传单

    These templates give you branded event flyers that can be edited to include your chapter and event information. There's a Noche de Ciencias version and a Dia de Ciencias version for your use.

    下载Noche de Ciencias Flyer

    下载Dia de Ciencias Flyer

  • 样本的新闻稿

    This template can be adapted and used as a press release or for event messaging for media distribution. 它也可以在 西班牙语版本.


  • 事故 & 媒体发布豁免

    这个模板允许您创建您的事故的纸质副本 & 媒体发布表格供家长签署.


  • 活动签到表

    This template will allow you to create sign-in sheets for the day of your event. Both an English and a 西班牙语版本 of the sign-in sheet are included in the template.


  • 谢谢你的信

    This template can be adapted to thank individuals or organizations that contributed to the success of your event.



SHPE National is in the process of developing hands-on activity resources to support NdC events. 当这些资源可用时,它们将发布在这里. There are also many hands-on activity resources available online, including:

Beats Unlocked brings beatmaking and coding to life through an interactive workshop that unlocks STEAM opportunities for middle and high school students in underrepresented communities. 了解更多!



SHPE developed and translated two parent workshops that can be adapted for your use. The first workshop is on Understanding College Options and the second workshop is on Financial Aid. These presentations will help you educate parents about college access, 资金, STEM职业路径和STEM基础知识. The 科学手册 provides information on how to update the Financial Aid presentation with information about universities and colleges in your area.

      • 了解大学选择-英语 (很快)
      • 了解大学选择-西班牙语 (很快)
      • 经济资助-英语 (很快)
      • 经济援助-西班牙语 (很快)

Noche de Ciencias

"Science is too wonderful for it to be exclusive and too important to leave anyone out."

Dr. 法国科尔多瓦 美国国家科学基金会主任